I help women who are craving more

reinvent their relationship with food and body image

using not just their mind, but also their gut. 

It is possible to have all the information yet be stuck when it comes to experiencing transformation. When taking another course or reading another book gives you 1% inspiration and 99% continued overwhelm and repeating patterns, ask yourself this.

How much longer do you want to white knuckle your willpower to overcome the chaos in your mind around food before you invest in a fresh approach?

How much time is wasted thinking about your food struggles, hiding your body, and holding yourself back from living life fully?

Time is the most precious commodity in the world. You don’t get it back. Every minute avoiding this work is another minute you won’t get back. The question is not if you can afford it, it is what does it cost you NOT to do it?

You Deserve To Thrive, Not Just Survive.   


You want to feel empowered to create meaningful change in your life and those around you for generations to come. Your energy is meant to be contagious and cause a ripple effect of good in the world.

When you feel the mental edge from doing this work, you will unlock the energy, love, confidence, and clarity to make the kind of impact that makes you spring out of bed every morning.


With her best selling book Within Making Peace With Food and Body Image to Create a Healthy Home and Family, her signature Break Free™ Course, the inspiring The Free Life™ Podcast or her free online community, Karen is committed to showing every woman what is possible in her life when she stops hiding until she shrinks and decides to show up until she heals. 

She empowers women to experience life free from the obsession with food and weight to ignite dreams hidden or put off until “one day” and feel fulfilled knowing their shift is the start of a ripple effect ending the legacy of dieting, eating disorders, and body bashing for generations to come. 

Fear tactics don’t sway us to follow a certain diet. We deserve to feel satisfied with our food & life.
Personal happiness is essential. To be selfless you need to meet your needs first. We are enough
right here, right now. We embrace imperfections and highlight strengths.
We are free. The light inside of us shines bright.

Forgiving Myself is a Gift

I Am Worthy

I Will Feed My Soul

Speak the Language of the Person You Want to Become

I Control My Action Which Controls Emotions

Change Your Words to Change Your Worth

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