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As a mom, we are everyone’s rock. We take care of the needs of so many people we love. We are givers. At the end of the day, our needs fall down to the bottom of the list. Our guilt over doing something for pleasure has us grocery shopping during our “free time”. As I continue to struggle with the balance of being a mother, wife, and business owner, it helps to remember the promises I made to my daughter when she was born. The moment I decided feeling lost and not knowing who I was anymore was not the example I wanted to be for her. The moment I remembered that if I do not face my fears and learn to love my life and my body then how can I expect her to do the same.

I promise to fill your world with so much love so you always have a safe place to return when things feel tough.

I promise to not soothe your frustration, sadness, or anger no matter how much I want to wave them away for you.

I promise to teach you how to handle and channel those emotions so they won’t rule your world in a negative way.

I promise to never take the easy road and to go after everything I want in life so you know it is possible for you.

I promise to trust you when it is time to fly from the nest and support your choices even if they hurt me.

I promise to show you how to be comfortable in your own skin and to quiet the inner voice that may tell you that you are not enough.

I promise not to think I am always right and to listen to what you have to say because it is clear you are already wise beyond your years.

I promise to take lots of pictures and be in most of them so you have memories to make you smile whether I feel pretty that day or not.

I promise to always be an honest, real, and peaceful presence in your life.

I promise when you make mistakes I will not shame you but guide you to let them teach you to grow into the person you are meant to be.

I promise to go after my entire bucket list so you can see a woman can be an amazing mother and still be personally fulfilled.

I promise to practice patience with discomfort and not turn to food or alcohol to numb myself.

I promise to always practice a healthy relationship with food and not talk about my body in a negative way.

I promise to be your rock because you are mine.

When you were born, I did not lose myself in becoming a mother. It is quite the opposite, my beautiful warrior. You breathed life into me. You made me realize how important it was to fight for who I really was. You gave me the strength to no longer conform to please people if it meant I was not staying true to my soul. Consider this my rock-solid commitment to live to my fullest potential and to cast aside doubt and worry. I hope you see this act of love as permission for you to do the same.

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