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Intentional Weight Loss

Transforming your relationship with food and your body is some of the most powerful work you can do to improve your quality of life. In a world that tells you to shrink if you want to be healthy, it is tempting to want intentional weight loss through intuitive eating. Yet, this option is going to take you further from where you want to go. How can you let go of intentional weight loss and also trust your body is going to regulate when you have spent years fighting it? 

Show Notes

In this episode, I’m talking all about how to:


  • The difference between intentional weight loss and allowing your body to heal.
  • Letting go of the fear that you will only gain weight if you stop trying to control food. 
  • How trusting your body to regulate also allows your body to trust you and work with you.
  • Intentional weight loss is worse for your health and can cause weight gain. 
  • Why letting go of intentional weight loss is not about giving up, but infact will help you create an even more amazing life then you even dreamed. 




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