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If you have been searching for answers to overcome your cravings or regain control with food, mindful eating has probably come across your radar. How you eat really is more important then what you eat in the beginning stages of developing your intuition with food to reconnect with what your body needs.

This most common reason people give up? Their mind is racing and it feels like they are hyper-aware, not calm and present. They think this means they failed when actually the stage of noticing your thoughts as they race is really just the first step to mastering the skill. You have the ability. Think about a time you felt intense presence and joy.

For me it was when I was:

Zip lining so high in a cloud forest you can’t see the ground beneath you.

Standing up on a surfboard for the first time.

Being dropped off a 50 ft platform free fall with only a harness and rope to stop you as you swing back and forth.

These moments make my adrenaline pump even as I think of them. I have extreme fears of heights but I keep returning to try new things. Why?

Think about a moment that was new, exciting, thrilling. Heart beating fast.


Think about moments of complete peace and calm when you are surrounded by nature, like overlooking a cliff or being at the beach looking at the horizon beyond the sea.

They both force you to be completely present. They both remind you that you are a small part of something larger.

We crave this feeling because for that moment we feel alive. We are not stuck in the past. We are not worried about the future. We just are.

We can have that feeling though without doing these activities. You can have it now. Focusing on the present. Controlling the thoughts we allow in our mind. This is a skill and can bring as much peace, joy, and excitement as an adventurous day.

How you are in life is how you are with food. Practicing noticing your thoughts.

Are they often in the past upset about a past action?

Are they often focused on the future, worrying about a scenario that has not occurred?

Do you get overwhelmed by the list you are falling behind on or fitting into a dress for an event?

Trying to be present starts with learning where your thoughts tend to go and what increases their intensity. Then you can learn how to not allow them in and get back to the moment.

I have a guided meditation for you that will help keep you in the present moment in our Chaos to Calm Guide. Use this at the start of the day or anytime you find yourself getting overwhelmed and stressed out to get back into calm so you can take the next best step.

Don’t give up being mindful. We are all capable of reaping the rewards if we don’t judge the steps to get there.

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