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Everyday is Not a Day at the Beach

Maybe you wake up feeling pretty calm and confident about your day. Somewhere between getting the kids dressed and dropping them off being overwhelmed causes your brain to put you in a state of inaction. The To Do List feels like it is growing longer with every passing second. Picking one simple activity feels impossible. Your plan to get to the gym, show, and wear an actual outfit so you can feel like a million bucks just went out the window. Instead you head to the grocery store in your sweats, hair in a bun, and wait, did you forget to brush your teeth? Well, let’s hope you don’t run into someone. Tomorrow you will have it all together.

If you let overwhelm rule your day, promising each day to get organized only to wake up to another groundhog day of confusion then it is time to grab the bull by the horns and make a change. Complete the questions below. Commit to following through tomorrow. If you don’t feel better by the end of the day tomorrow, by all means return to your harried self. However, if you like how you feel when you are done then you deserve to live a life where you feel your head above water.

Feel Accomplished

What are two things I want to get done tomorrow that are not negotiable? If I get these 2 things done then I will feel satisfied. Anything extra on the list is gravy. Remember dishes and laundry will always find a way to get done. Choose from the list of things that mean something to you. After all in twenty years, no one is going to say she always cleaned the dishes right after every meal. Your legacy will be so much more.

Be Selfish

What is one thing I want to do for myself? This is also non negotiable. You need to take care of yourself first so you can bring your best self to your family. In order to be selfless, you need to first be selfish with this part of your day. If a workout or 15 minute meditation always helps clear your mind, it will not slow down your day. It will only help you to be more effective in your other activities.

Take Food Out of the Equation

What are your plans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Roughly sketch out a plan of what you will prepare or pick up for meals. Of course you can change this plan if the mood strikes you, but taking a couple minutes to decide on food choices will eliminate the time spent thinking on the fly in addition to making impulse meal choices.

Have a Plan

When do I tend to get the most overwhelmed during the day? When I start to feel overwhelmed
I will do one of the following before making a choice or responding to someone:

Take 10 deep breaths in and out

Put in headphones and listen to a fun song

Repeat a mantra to myself 10 times

“I can do this”
“All is fine in this moment”
“All I need to do is the next best move”

Feel Empowered

Write down your answers to carry them in your wallet. Cross off your list during the day or at the end of the day. After dinner tear the piece of paper up and throw it in the trash. Make the act of throwing it out therapeutic when you say out loud. BOOM Day Complete! Get it Done Rockstar!

Pamper Yourself

Last but not least, before you settle on the couch with a snack to munch take care of yourself. Get in your jammies and wash your face with a skin care routine that feels luxurious. Take a few deep breaths again. Give yourself 5 to 10 minutes before you get tired to take care of yourself. The desire to snack may be gone once you catch your breath and make yourself feel relaxed.

I will see you on the other side of crazed and painfully overwhelmed. Welcome, you will like it here.

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