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Jen’s Interview

How would life look if you were raised to not making choices for yourself? You were told what to eat and who to be friends with. You felt the separation. You knew you were different but not in a way that felt good to you. Different and also held back from becoming who...
Maria’s Interview

Maria’s Interview

  How does life change when you are made to feel different? When you are not empowered to embrace what made you different but instead are encouraged to fit in when you couldn’t even if you tried. It could be enough to break the strongest person, but Maria’s story...
Inner Beauty

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Big boobs. Small boobs. Toned. Rolls. Short. Tall. Frumpy. Good Posture. Flat Abs. Large Thighs. As women we come in all sizes and shapes. Some strive to be skinny for a living. Others hid their bodies and feel ashamed to eat in public. We fight in our minds and with...

Feel Normal Around Food

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