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I sat in my office with no windows with piles of charts waiting for notes and just cried. The house with the white picket fence, a successful husband, a job that helped woman, and two healthy kids was my reality and yet I cried.

I believed I was a special snowflake and that kept me stuck.


Because I was embarrassed. I didn’t want people to think I was ungrateful. Whenever I talked about wanting a business or living abroad, it was met with “nice dream” or “what are you running from?”.

I believed I shouldn’t feel this way so I shoved it down so far that is was slowly killing my soul and was being numbed with wine, food, or secret tears in the shower. I was tired and scared this struggle was one I needed to deal with for life.

Then something amazing happened.

Over coffee a fellow business owner said, why don’t you post in a Facebook group with entrepreneurs and ask if they have ever wanted to live abroad? I think you feel alone because you are surrounded by people who want and believe different things. So I did. And guess what?

362 responses saying YES, I want that! 30 messages saying I did that and I can help.

I went from being alone, a sad special snowflake stuck in her tears, to normal in a sea of helpful connection. The hardest part was just the decision to change my perspective and find the like minded support I needed to change. The best part is once you do the fear is worth all the benefits that follow.

You are not a special snowflake and that is a good thing.

Of course we all have unique gifts but when it comes to desire, expressing ourselves, and beliefs there are always people just like us. If you don’t want to believe dieting and restriction is the answer there is a community of woman just like you ready to lock arms and thrive not survive.

There is a time to be unique and a time to realize you need to feel “normal”, you need an environment that supports the beliefs and desires that will help you soar and feel inner peace. I know it may be scary to change your environment but if it is slowly killing your soul it must change. As far as I know we have one shot at this life and I won’t let you not experience the freedom that comes from taking control back from food and weight.

Click here and listen to my training today on this topic. It is time to feel what it is like to wake up and know life can throw anything at you, your fierce calm powerful self can handle it all.

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