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I remember this moment like it was yesterday. Sitting on the beach at a local soda (local restaurant for ticos not tourists) in Costa Rica where I relocated with my family in 2015 for the year. It was exactly three years before that I wrote a promise letter to myself which was a vision of the future I wanted to create. The vision was so clear but it was grand. It required many steps. It had many failed moments. Actually it was mostly failed moments but I never quit. I failed forward. The vision kept me going strong and the faith that I would create it if I simply did not back down.

Belief and faith are powerful tools. Expectations of failure are also crucial tools to success. They keep us going, grow our grit skills, and help us to adopt a mindset of learning. When you decide enough is enough, you don’t want another diet you want a lifestyle change, you should not back down.

I have no doubt you are painfully aware of your food and weight problem or you would not be here, but you also may have lost the faith and confidence in yourself to take the next step. Well, here I am, a complete stranger and I have faith in you. I have enough faith and belief in you for both of us to start.

Today decide enough is enough. You are finally sick of saying I’ll start tomorrow and will start today. If you feel trapped and like you should give up trying, tie a knot and hang on girl! Get sick of accepting this is just your struggle to bear and know this:

1. Everyone struggles with racing mind thoughts. Yours just happen to be about food. When you tune in to listen versus trying to overcome it with limited willpower, you will start to break free from this pattern and take your power back. What positive need does it fill? You can be honest here. Is it your friend? Is it your little secret and guilty pleasure? Is it your time to calm your mind even if for a minute? Is it your escape?

2. Declare that failure is expected and welcomed. Failure is NOT a sign to give up or that you are not capable. It is your chance to learn something new about yourself, learn, and adjust your actions. period. Fall down seven times, stand up eight. Get gritty. I know you have it in you. You have everything you need inside of you to figure this out. Once you learn what works for you, you won’t fall prey to the comparison game or thinking every expert’s advice needs to be followed or you fail. 

3. Start adding things into your life that produce the positive emotions you get from food (see step 1). Willpower can’t save you when you take away the food that is giving you something good. Replace it first before you deal with the food and watch food start to lose its power! 

Keep shining. Keep failing forward. Never settle for less then you deserve.

Comment below and let me know one way this struggle with food serves you in a positive way. Own it so you can replace it without judgment.

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