Five years of detours and NO regrets - The Free Life

I remember the first website that I put together myself,

When I sent it to my friends, my first feedback was:

“This is boring, I would look at it then leave. There is nothing that pulls me in.”

It was devastating at the time.

A year of running the website without formal help was not easy.

I was burnt out and I had no sales experiences to help communicate the value I provided.

This was when I  decided I would join a network marketing company for sales experience then come back to run my website.

That detour took me four years.

Turns out I loved the company, grew a thriving business, and loved the network I developed from my work. My desire to work with chronic dieting and body image was an asset to confidence coaching in sales.

emotional eatngIt wasn’t until we decided to sell everything and move to Costa Rica for a year that The Free Life was born. The time was right. I felt confident in my creativity and experience, connected to a network of amazing people, and ready for the challenge and to get my message out there.

5 years and lots of detours later, my vision was finally becoming reality.

Does that seem like a long time to reach a goal?

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I know I felt that way at first. I thought wow, what if I just kept working on my website for five years and never detoured, where would I be now?

The truth is our journey never is a straight road and never looks like we think it should.

The struggle with food and weight is no different.

All your years of struggle is not wasted. It is rich a lesson you can take into the future.

You needed to keep trying a diet, restrict, give up, regain over and over to realize it was not you, it was the system you were taught that doesn’t work.

Trust that working on it now is going to be a richer experience because you know the pain of staying the same.

So much of life has been distracted by thoughts of food or controlling weight that when the fog is lifted and your life is not ruled by it anymore, the floodgates open. Life is new all over again. I once had a client tell me she felt like a newborn discovering herself for the first time.

In life, we want adventure and excitement yet our instinct is to go for safe and comfortable, finding safety in a pattern that is painful.

I get it. I have been there.

You don’t have to believe in yourself enough to see the vision and know you are capable (you are, by the way).

You JUST need to believe in yourself enough to get started.

I have guided thousands of women and can help you clear the path.

Just like I could never have seen growing a network marketing company or moving to Costa Rica when I started, amazing things await you.

Faith is believing that what is on the other side is greater then you can even imagine right now. Are you ready? Schedule a call.

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