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Last week I was on a retreat in Santa Barbara with the mastermind group I joined to support me emotionally as I grow my business to touch as many women as I can who need this message.

One of the speakers was Marla Mattenson, a relationship expert, who spoke about how to improve the quality of our relationships and get the support we need. She started off with an exercise that was so powerful I had to share.

She asked the group of 14 women to stand up and close our eyes. Then she asked us to say “I love you” out loud one at a time. If two people spoke at the same time we had to start over. Our job was to feel the pulse of the room and tune into our intuition when it was our time. The exercise would not end until we successfully all said “I love you” one at a time. We were able to complete the exercise in two tries, it was amazing.Â

Then Marla asked us to write down what we noticed about the experiment when we each decided to speak. I wrote on the paper:

“I knew in my heart it was my time to say I love you, but I hesitated before I spoke.”

Then she said whatever you wrote down on that paper is how you are in life.

WOW! I was floored. She was right. I know my path. I know when a client is a right fit. I know when an article is powerful. I know when I should do a live video. I hesitate.
Then I thought about my clients and all the women I do Break Through Calls with, they all hesitate. When they know they are meant to work with me and move past this struggle they hesitate. Why?

It is not the money. It is not the lack of belief to have success. It is not being too busy. Those are just the excuses that come up because of hesitation.

We hesitate because we do not trust our own intuition to guide us. After years of comparing and feeling not good enough, we let past behaviors be the evidence that we can’t be trusted. So when the answer is right in front of us, we hesitate.

When we hesitate, our mind takes over trying to protect us and keep us playing small.

Don’t sign up, you will just fail again.

You can’t live without the food you crave, why try again.

You are not worth spending that kind of money, it will just be wasted as you will fail.

Lies. All lies the sneaky ego tells us to hold us back. This is why when faced with change our mind focuses on what we will lose not what we will gain.

To the women who know she is meant for more in this life, look past the loss and see what you will gain. Do not stack up past failures as evidence of you needing to hold back. Go after the solution as if there is no other way to live then to be ruthless and resilient in your search. Each path that has not worked has lead you to the path that will.

Never settle. As Dylan Thomas said, “Rage against the dying of the light.” This quote matches perfectly as Jodi said in my recent interview that “seeing the light” was worth the work she did on its own.

Always Remember Each Moment is a Chance to Start Again.

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