This weekend I flew home to surprise my sister for her 40th birthday with the family and it made me think of you!

It was so fun but it was jam packed and planning was not in the cards when it came to food. Plane rides, eating out, and accommodating the needs of 12-14 people at a time means you need to role with the punches.

Meal times were way off, food choices are limited when you are not at home, and at times it can feel you are eating nonstop.  If your relationship with food is stressful and you are not comfortable in your own skin, that is WAY easier said then done.

So for that reason, I am taking a stand for you and the holidays early. 

The first Monday of November is officially here and the next two months of the holiday season are upon us.

What do the holidays make you think of?

Love. Family. Joy. Fun. Laughter.


Weight Gain. Endless Food. Drinks. Clothing Stress. Giving up until New Year.

While I hope it is the first option, no worries if it is the second. This will be my 11th year working with emotional eaters, chronic dieters, and bingers over the holidays and it is my favorite time of year.

Those who commit to some small powerful planning and skills over the holidays are able to go into New Year with confidence and excited diving deeper into stepping out the yo-yo diet cycle and experiencing freedom from the control food has over their thoughts and lives.

This work is more then quick tips to band-aid problems. It all starts with planning and mindset, which starts now not one day before an event.  In order to avoid you instinctual reaction, you will need to practice your new system of responding not reacting. There is no quick fix trick for that.

Instinct verses practice:

Instinct happens when we assume things will never change and let the same pattern repeat. Instinct happens when we decide we are not in control and the only way things will improve is when our situation or people in our life change.

Practice: We practice skills when we take full responsibility for our own choices. When we accept we cannot change others then we can plan how we respond and look for the good in them. When we start asking ourselves how we can look at this differently the answers come and we can test out what works best with an open mind.

In a 20 minute conversation I planned a stressful family trip with someone and this was her response after,

“My eating went pretty well. I was more in control this visit than before. I had a new confidence this year (maybe after talking with you)”

She did the work. Was it perfect? Of course not but it was progress. When you experience a positive shift it gives you more confidence to take bigger leaps. The best part is just because you have struggled for years DOES NOT mean you need to take years to recover and change.

Imagine if you can make it through the holidays with a fresh mindset on your food and body story?

In order to step into a fresh mindset we need to be aware of past patterns.

Think about these questions:

How do you approach food over the holiday normally? Give up and overeat, restrict all day before a party, or avoid invitations?

Who in your circle of family or friends has an effect on your eating and stress? Why?

What aspect of the holidays causes the most stress? Why?

First step, comment below and let me know your major stressors during the holidays. Be as specific as possible. I am preparing a FREE Masterclass on Thursday November 16th just for you so your response will assure you get the most value from the class.

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