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Another Monday has arrived and you are on my mind, . I know you may doubt yourself and your ability to recreate your relationship with food and your body so I think this story will help you.
Yesterday, my creative artistic daughter, Claire, asked for us to go painting for the day. My initial instinct was that my husband should take her. They share their love for art as well as a talent in that arena. I should stay home and work on the new program launch and creating content that will help you.

Thankfully, that strong and beautiful voice inside me encouraged me to go to the class. I encourage women all the time to have faith and belief in creating the change they desire. I tell them they can develop the skills they need and that their struggle is not because of a gene that can never change. Well here I was telling myself I did not have the “art” gene. Well, , I needed this lesson to connect even deeper with women like you who need to heal.

Above is my painting. When I picked my theme, I chose a staircase to remind us that every journey begins with a single step. I added words that signify living The Free Life and have been key in my success in life. Qualities I wish to help you achieve, . The beginning was all about trusting my instructor because the painting did not look like the image at all. I needed to lay the groundwork for the painting, I could not go straight for the details. In fact the last five minutes of a 2 hour session was where the true details came into play. 95% of the session was spent in the dark, trusting the expert.

WOW! What a lesson. How we are in life, is how we are with food. We can learn so much when we merge the two. When we take the pressure off the food, the business, the relationship, or the money (whatever is bothering us at the time). When we focus on our intuition, put faith in someone who has seen the way, and let go of any expectation of how the outcome should look. That is what I experienced yesterday and what I wish for you today.

I know you are scared but I also know you want peace and freedom. You are capable of creating the change in your life you desire. Don’t be afraid of how messy it is in the beginning, trust the final creation.

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