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Have you ever wished you could look like someone else?

You want her body. You want her face. If I was beautiful like that I would love life. I would be happy.
The comparison game is a distraction and takes us away from cultivating the feelings we desire and deserve.

Think about it. Have you ever had a day where you were feeling pretty darn great. Things were in flow. You felt confident and moved easily through life. Then you pass a mirror, get on the scale, or see someone you perceive as more beautiful and suddenly it is gone. You are left feeling low energy, bloated, and wanting to hide.

What changed? You looked the same. Weighed the same. The only thing that changed was your state of mind.

When you see someone you are drawn to and wish for what she had, ask yourself a question. What is so attractive about her beyond appearance?

The way she carries herself. Her warm smile. How she connects with people so easily. Her infectious laugh.

Not only can you have those things. You are meant to have those things. You are worthy of those things right here right now. I talk about this more on Facebook Live today. Want to watch: click here.
I used to see women who travelled often and feel jealous. I wanted that kind of freedom. When I decided to create a life that supported it, it became my reality. This year I have travelled to Santa Barbara, Paris, London, and currently Sedona to film videos for upcoming courses I am creating. Having what I desired for so long taught me something important.

The travel can be tiring, mentally challenging with kids, and the image of what I thought was not the reality. Don’t get me wrong I love it and feel so grateful but the lesson was crucial to my inner peace. Staying present, being open to the experience both positive and difficult, and allowing all feelings to come up without judging them was important. I have to choose to fully immerse myself and not let the mom guilt of leaving my kids ruin my trip. Otherwise I don’t come back refreshed and no one benefits.

What do you really want in life?

How do you want to feel?

What actions do you need to take to create this existence?

It is not always the easy choice to let go of excuses and reasons why you can’t. Not every will be happy with you going for what you want. But when you do then you will be radiate all the things you are drawn to in women you admire.

Health is not only about what you put in your mouth. Health is about inner peace. Filling yourself up and owning your worth so there there is so much love and peace it has no choice but to spill out all over people around you. You don’t find this by hating your body, wishing it looked like her, or when the scale reads a lower number.

It is yours for the taking. Choose to believe and accept that you are meant for a life where food and your body are the fuel and source to support you living your purpose not holding you back from it.
I am going to be on Facebook Live daily this week so if you want to more small and mighty trainings pop over and follow me there. I would be honored to share a moment with you.

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