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As I sit in my home waiting for Irma, I have been thinking about how life always can teach us about food and weight. Over the past few days we have been using the information given to us to make choices about how to handle the storm.

Preparing our home with shutters.

Deciding to stay or leave with kids and animals.

Trying to not get caught up in the panic and hysteria on social media both locally and afar.
The truth is there is no right or wrong here. Some left. Some stayed. We all had to tune into our intuition and the facts to decide. In the end whatever sits right for each individual is best yet like food and weight people judge choices others make.

I hear this all the time, “I have it all together except in this area, why can’t I just get it right.”
How we are in life is how we are with food. With this knowledge you can look at other areas where you feel aligned, strong, capable, and intuitive to learn, to gather confidence, and remind yourself you have the power with food and body as well.

There is a bit of time to unlearn the culture that shames us. To reconnect to that voice inside. To reclaim the confidence to know what works for you is what is right regardless of those who preach a right way or a better way.

Health is way more then what we put in our mouths. You can follow a strict meal plan yet with an obsessive relationship food and high levels of stress live in a state of survival mode and pain. You can eat whatever you want and still feel emotionally deprived and filled with shame.

How we stand in the world matters. Knowing that we can take the science, look if it applies to our lives, and then turn inward to decide what we accept and what we reject. Then make a choice and have a love affair with the food that feels good to us.

Love it. Savor it, Slow down with it. Experience and appreciate where it came from and how it got to our plate. Make the experience spiritual.

You have what you need inside of you to make this shift. With some help and guidance you can unlearn and let go of the judgement, shame, guilt, and stress to step in your Free Life.

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