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Yesterday my family and I went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom to experience the new Avatar ride, Flights of Passage. We settled in for a long wait, which it was at 3 hours long, and were hopeful for an exciting ride.

Was it Worth 3 Hours in Line?

I can whole heartedly say, YES. Here is why.

Of course it was a Disney full 4 D experience where you felt as if you were immersed in the land of Pandora as an avatar riding on the back of a Banchee (flying dragon). There were twists, turns, dips, water spraying in your face. The feeling of flying, but what I experienced was beyond that.

I was present for it all.

What does being Present mean?

I reminded myself that this was not real. Any fast dives or animals flying toward me were NOT real even if they seemed real with the glasses on. There was nothing to be afraid of I was safe. This allowed me to truly be there and feel my stomach drop. Experience the thrill of something jumping out of the water. Feel the water mist on my face and we soared through a wave. Enjoy the calm of the breath taking views. I could take in everything I wanted and did not over think the parts that would have made me react in the past.

Having that self awareness to know when I am nervous or afraid I can feel nauseous and miss the whole experience. Reminding myself it was not real so I can relax. This allowed me to respond and take it in instead of reacting.

How often in life are we reacting to things that are not real but we decide are real and true.

Labels: “I am lazy” “I have no self control” “I am never going to figure this out” “I can’t seem to get it together”

Judgements: “Why do they always do this to me?” or “I can’t do that until I have more money..lose weight… get it together.”

What if those thoughts were not real. We didn’t have to absorb them and all the negative energy that comes with them and holds us back from experiencing the kind of life we desire. We could experience the present moment without a clouded lense of negativity. Think about how much energy you would have if you believed life was working for your benefit not against you.
This kind of radical shift comes when you decide to say:

I am willing to look at this differently.

An open mind that takes a strong stand to calmly and confidently push limiting thoughts aside and challenge them.

A strong, loving heart that can turn the mirror on itself and take responsibility over its life and choices knowing it has the power to change within itself.

A powerful light in the world that is no longer afraid of the unknown or fears success so it breaks the cycle of the comfort of cycle keeping them stuck in the dark.

If your life is not where you want it to be. If you are not feeling how you want to feel. If you want to create a new belief system that will build you a strong foundation to weather any storm with peace and confidence the be willing to look at your struggle differently.

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