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You are powerful beyond measure. I know you may feel weak, without willpower, hopeless, and so so confused what step to take next but I am here to remind how powerful you are. Want to hear more about this check out my Facebook Live from today: Click here.

All your years of dieting, body bashing, and unhealthy patterns may feel like evidence that this is your life long struggle. They are evidence though. Evidence of the patterns you are capable of creating. Evidence that you are powerful. Just as powerful that you can create unhealthy habits and get stuck believing all these self doubts YOU can forgive yourself, unlearn them, and create ones that support the beautiful life you desire and deserve.

This past week I spent time in Sedona among the grounding red rocks and I met an energy healer named Sue. I was feeling heavy and stuck and not sure why so I made an appointment. She told me she could feel my energy stuck like peanut butter and could tell I was hard on myself. I just started crying, instant release. I mean I was trembling and could not stop until that stuck energy just floated off me.

You know what that energy was?

Lack of self compassion.
Lack of forgiveness.

I was judging myself for being stuck and because we are so powerful all I got back was more…..stuck.

After I left that session I felt myself filled up with self love and compassion. I made a choice to forgive and let go as well as physically letting go through my tears.

Whether the energy session simply worked or the placebo effect allowed me to process my pain, there is no denying two things:

  1. When we open ourselves up to a new way of looking at things and accept there is another way, the answers started to appear
  2. When we decide enough is enough and when the pain to change simply becomes a must on the journey up, change happens faster and quicker then we can even imagine.

You are powerful. It doesn’t have to take years to unlearn and get unstuck. Simply open your mind and heart to the possibility.

Then listen. Follow the voice. Embrace your power. Your Free Life is waiting for you and it is never too late to claim it.

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