After 15+ years specializing in eating disorders and disordered eating plus over six years in business, I’ve seen some patterns:

  • Women struggling with food and body image work that holds them back from a true calling to be entrepreneurs. They dabble in business, network marketing, or just dream about it but they don’t fulfill their full desire and potential because they’re locked in food or body jail. They tell themselves things like “When I get this under control I will…” “When I lose the weight I’ll feel more confident…” “When I feel comfortable in my skin I will start to…”
  • Health coaches who were not taught business or sales so they are stuck in the 1:1 pay-per-session model. They undercharge for their services because they are trying to compete with industry standard pricing and have no clue how to make themselves stand out and charge premium prices for the value they provide. The idea of an online business sounds amazing, but they’re overwhelmed with all the moving pieces to get it off the ground.
  • Women who want to help other women overcome their food and body struggles but don’t have the expertise or mentorship to start offering it as a service. They want to feel confident they are helping these women and have support for when they get into a situation where they don’t know the answer.

If you relate to some or all of the patterns above, I want you to know you’re not alone. And I also want you to know that you have the power within you right now to break through these patterns, stop the struggle, and finally create the business and life of freedom that you’ve been longing for. The problem is, you’ve likely never had the support you need to: 

  • move past the body or food issues that are holding you back and/or…
  • learn what to do next when it comes to creating or growing your business…

 …and that’s where I come in!




Break Free and Earn Your Worth

A  mentorship program designed to help you break free of the patterns and limitations that have been holding you back from designing the successful business and fulfilling life you desire.


Dietitians or Health and Wellness coaches who want an online business, would like to offer a specialty in eating psychology and feel overwhelmed with where to start or how to grow and get a steady flow of clients

Women who have a desire to start or grow their online business, feel held back by their own food and body image struggles, and want to overcome it so they can show up as the fierce business woman they know they are meant to be

As a Registered Dietitian and Business owner since 2003, not only will I work with you one-on-one to overcome any lingering food/body struggles and create unshakeable confidence in yourself, I’ll also be your personal business mentor as you work to establish and grow your business exponentially. Plus, I’ll help you get up and running quickly in your business with my customizable Business in a Box kit—all the essential tools you need to uplevel your business and be seen as a the professional and expert that you truly are.

What you’ll get:

  • Get your business set up and launched in 90 days and get certified in The Free Life Method of coaching other women to overcome the battle with food and weight
  • Business coaching around confidence in sales, showing up on video, creating powerful stories, defining your brand, and putting it together with the Business in a Box (details below) to create a seamless system that allows you to grow a business you’ll feel proud of
  • Voxer access for support throughout the workweek
  • Access to Break Free Course: A 10-week journey to develop a healthy relationship with food and your body
  • 9-month group mentorship to support you as you take on clients and grow
  • Facebook group support
  • Group calls 1x per month after your business is launched
  • Q+A when a client concern comes up and you’re not sure how to address it—to help deepen your practice
  • Confidence, writing, and speaking skills
  • Be listed on my preferred providers’ list for 1:1 packages
  • A refreshing and powerful retreat once during the year

AND Business in a Box!

 This alone is priceless and could easily cost over $30K if you hired website designers, branding experts, copywriters, and tech teams to build this out for you. I built out exactly what I wish I could have had when I was starting so I could focus on what really mattered—attracting and working with my clients. 

This powerful toolkit includes everything you need to get your business up and running, saving you tons of valuable time:

  • Plug and play website template with 4 design, color and font options
  • Plug and play long-form sales page for your signature offer
  • Email funnel and opt-in done for you to grow your following and build trusting relationships with your ideal clients
  • Newsletter templates to help get your message out into the world with ease
  • FB Live training and strategy to increase your visibility
  • Program and offering development
  • Contract template
  • Welcome Packet template
  • One month of content ideas for social media
  • Sales Script and training for discovery calls with new clients

If this program is speaking to you, I invite you to reach out and let’s talk about how this program can support you in finding greater freedom in your life and creating the successful, fulfilling business you’ve been longing for.

If you know deep down that you’re meant to do something more—something bigger and more impactful—with your life and business but you’ve yet to take the leap and make it happen because of inner struggles or a lack of business support, then Break Free and Earn Your Worth is designed specifically for you.

I know that taking the step to join a program like this and work with a coach can feel like a big step—a vulnerable step, even. Which is why I’d love to personally speak with you to answer your questions and see if we’re a good fit to work together. 

Schedule your free discovery session