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Behind the Scenes of Within Book Launch

In this episode, I’m so excited to bring you behind the scenes of the launch of my new book, Within: Making Peace With Food and Body Image to Create a Healthy Family and Home. This book was a vision of mine for many, many years, and bringing it to life has been a transformational process that I hope will inspire you.

Show Notes:

Ever wondered what it takes to write, publish, and launch your own book? Well, in this episode I’m sharing not only those details, but also the ins and outs of my biggest trials and triumphs along the way. Join me in this special “behind-the-scenes” episode to hear all about…

  • What it took to finally say “yes” to my dream of writing a book (and how I finally overcame what was holding me back)
  • Why becoming a published author was such a deep desire for me
  • What surprised me about the process of writing and publishing a book
  • The biggest challenges I faced along this journey
  • What it felt like to finally see my book out there in the world!

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