Okay, ladies, let’s talk about the choice. Right before you decide to go on a diet, do you make the choice from a state of calm, peace, and excitement, or do you make the choice from a place of chaos, feeling frustrated like you just let yourself go, wanting to hide until you shrink and placing all of your answers and salvation on the scale, hitting a certain number or your pants, reading a certain size. If your life has been defined as being on or off a diet, being good or bad, and you define yourself as an all or nothing person, you may think that this cycle is just your cross to bear or one day you will harness enough willpower and just get it together already. Before you even look at food, just think about this. Peace, calm, connected, validated, desired. Do you know that these are the most common emotions that women tell me that they want to feel, but number one is peace.

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