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Food Is Everywhere

Food is everywhere. Especially during the holiday season, it seems like everywhere you look food is available. Shifting the way you look at the availability of food can make a big difference when it comes to overcoming overeating. This time of year especially, start by reminding yourself that you’re worthy of having the best, most amazing foods.

Show Notes:

The holiday season is a challenging time for most people when it comes to food, and that can be especially true if you regularly battle with overeating. In this episode, I’m going to share:

  • What it takes to start trusting yourself around food…especially when food is all around
  • The mental process that can help you overcome a scarcity/lack mindset around food
  • How the availability of food and the way you think about that can actually be an asset to overcoming issues with food, versus a temptation
  • Why no food is “forbidden” and how truly going all in and believing that all food is allowed will empower you to enjoy food without binging
  • How to enjoy only the foods that you truly love during the holidays versus giving in to the need to try whatever “treat” is in the office or at the party, just because it’s there

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