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Holiday Manifesto

A manifesto is a belief system to bring you back when you are overwhelmed. Everyone has different value systems and different things that are important to them. You have to decide what the most important thing is to you. Creating a holiday manifesto can provide you with a powerful tool if you want to change how you approach the holidays, how you come through the holidays, and how you feel at the end of the holidays.

Show Notes:

During the holiday season when stressful situations come up or comparison comes up or you’re feeling really overwhelmed or you’re not sure what to do, having a value system—a holiday manifesto—to look back to can help you make decisions and keep you aligned with how you want to feel. Join me in this episode, to hear:

  • What it looks like to create a holiday manifesto and how you can create one by setting aside just a small amount of time to give your own manifesto some thought
  • Practical suggestions for what to include in your own manifesto (and why everyone’s looks a bit different)
  • How to focus in on how you truly desire to feel during and after the holidays and how to use your manifesto as a guide and a reminder in challenging moments

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