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Holiday Mindset

The holidays can be a stressful time for many of us. That’s why working on your holiday mindset ahead of time can make such a difference. It’s important to start creating a mindset now that you want to have going into the holiday season, and have a plan in place for how you’ll implement your new mindset practices as the festive season arrives.

Show Notes

With the holiday season nearly upon us, it’s so important to start thinking about what gets you stressed, and what causes you to feel overwhelmed. What are the situations that you dread and don’t look forward to? What are your typical struggles with food and body image during this time of year? I encourage you to think about this now before the holiday season is in full swing, so in this episode, I’m talking all about how to:

  • Really believe that change is possible—it’s possible for you to do the holidays in a different way, for you to go in and feel like you can be present and enjoy the festivities and your time with loved ones
  • Discover what you really want to feel, do, and experience during the holiday season—and then how to identify the things (like mindset practices and more) that need to be put into place for you to get those things that you want
  • Not only develop a supportive “holiday mindset”, but also what you can do to keep it strong throughout the entire holiday season
  • Handle those awkward or pushy comments about food that often come up during the holidays in conversations with relatives and friends—and what’s up to you to control and what’s not
  • Not just “survive” the holiday season but to “thrive” through the holiday season and feel empowered on the other side of it




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