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Holiday Party Overwhelm

One of the big things that come up over the holiday season is parties. There can be a lot of overwhelm especially when it comes to food and body image. I really encourage you to shift your mindset and have a positive approach going into this holiday season. 

Show Notes:

We’ve talked a lot about food around the holidays, but another big trigger for many people is not just food—it’s body image. So in this episode, I’m diving even deeper to address some common body images challenges that come up this time of year. I’m sharing:

  • A few common thought patterns I hear from clients that “trigger” their body image struggles when thinking about holiday parties
  • Practical tips for dressing your body during the holidays so that you’ll feel comfortable and confident when heading out for the next party
  • How to stop the comparison game so that it no longer prevents you from going out and having an incredible time
  • How shifting from a place of worry about what others are thinking of us to a place of showing genuine interest in others can transform our interactions at parties and make a real difference for your party experience

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