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Movement for Self Love

Today we are going to talk about exercise and self love. This is something that is near and dear to my heart because so often we do these diets just to shrink our bodies, but they do not come from a place of ethical values. Today we talk about connecting with our bodies, and how we can love our bodies and feel comfortable in our own skin. 

Show Notes:

We need to really start to shift this conversation around exercise away from weight loss and focusing on not just health and wellness, but self-love and connection to our bodies. So in this episode, I’m sharing:

  • How to stop using exercise as a form of punishment and instead start using it as a means of connection with yourself and your body
  • Why exercising to achieve an idea of “perfection” isn’t realistic (or healthy)—even for people in the fitness/wellness industry
  • Why it’s totally ok and normal to experience exercise as both joy and discomfort, to get the full experience of connecting with your body
  • How to begin thinking about movement as connection and self-love and self-esteem and learning about yourself both within and without through movement.

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