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Pleasure is Sexy

Pleasure! It’s sexy and it’s also necessary. This is actually such an important discussion in a diet-driven world that’s rooted in doing things out of hatred of our bodies. We’re exhausting our willpower on a diet-centric mindest that doesn’t make us happy, and it’s time to change that so we can embrace the true purpose that pleasure is meant to serve in our lives.

Show Notes

I want to talk about pleasure as sexy, pleasure as a necessity. I think that it’s such an important discussion, especially coming from the Diet world, rooted in doing things out of hatred of our bodies, feeling uncomfortable in our bodies, wanting to change, wanting to get to a certain place and then live, then feel happy, then feel satisfied. And what we’re doing is we’re exhausting our willpower on a system that doesn’t work because we’re sitting in a place of deprivation, holding off, waiting to get to a certain place where then we can relax…

But by that point, if we even make it to that point, it’s so deprived, so disconnected, not in a place of satisfaction or pleasure. So we go off the deep end and try to get as much pleasure or satisfaction as possible and we just end up right back where we started.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • What pleasure really means and how it comes into play in our relationships with food
  • Why if you don’t know what pleasure means to you, all of the mixed beliefs and opinions around food and diets are going to leave you confused and deprived
  • How pleasure is about being present—it’s choosing what tastes good and makes you feel good (and how this doesn’t have to mean losing control or always eating sweets)
  • How you can come to know and you trust your body to have enough of any food, and stop when you’ve had the pleasure you need
  • Why knowing how your body feels, what your beliefs are, what pleasure is to you, and what satisfaction is to you is going to help you make decisions around food that help you feel truly satisfied and confident in your own choices

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