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When we’re talking about dieting, satisfaction is often the furthest thing from what we’re feeling, right? Dieting is delaying satisfaction. We’re saying we need to suffer or feel deprived in order to get to a place and when we get there, only then will we feel satisfied. Here’s the good news: you can redefine what it means to feel satisfied and decide that you deserve to feel satisfied right here, right now, regardless of the number on the scale. Sound too good to be true? It’s not, and in this episode, I’ll share how you can make it happen.

Show Notes

When it comes to food and life, how we are in life is how we are with food. So, redefining what it means to feel satisfied and deciding that you deserve to feel satisfied right here, right now, in both your life and with food can make a huge difference. You can have your needs, wishes, and expectations met, and you can feel pleasure along the journey to feeling like you’re reaching a place of better health, feeling better, and feeling more comfortable in your skin. For many people, feeling satisfied starts with digging deeper to find out what it is that’s keeping them from feeling true satisfaction and taking a look at how this impacts their choices with food.

Check out this episode to hear:

  • How feeling satisfied often begins with a mindset shift
  • How to look deeper at the many factors throughout your daily life that may be impacting your relationship with food, and how that’s impacting you mentally and emotionally
  • The many factors that come into play when it comes to satisfaction with food
  • Why ingrained patterns in your day may be having a bigger impact on your food choices—and how to identify and shift those patterns
  • How experiencing more pleasure with eating—more true satisfaction—is healing


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