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Uncover The Past First

Maybe you’ve heard it before: “uncover your past”. Diving deep into past experiences can feel tough, but if you’re looking to heal your relationship with food and your body, it’s so important to identify the beliefs that you’ve been holding on to so that you can choose to change them, forgive yourself and others, and start seeing through eyes of love.

Show Notes

It can be a hot topic, but it’s an important one to discuss if you are in the business of healing your relationship with food and your body. And that is the idea of uncovering the past first. 

When I was working at the eating disorder clinic, running the nutrition program, one of the most common things that I would see is that I would have clients sit in my office and say, ‘I know there’s something I need to uncover. There’s something in my past. There’s something to remember to show me why I have this unhealthy relationship with food and my body.’

It really kept them stuck and not working in the present moment because they were waiting and waiting for this ‘Aha’ moment in a therapy session or in their sleep. So we had to work to uncover the past in order to start living and making progress in the present.

So in this episode, I’m sharing:

  • The most common scenarios that I helped my clients identify in terms of things that happened as they were raised that contributed to where they were at 10, 20, 30 years later in their relationship with food and body image
  • How the assumptions we make about things that happened to us or ways that we were raised can shape our perspectives — not always for the best
  • How to let go of old beliefs, feelings, and patterns that are keeping you stuck
  • How to embrace empathy as a way to truly forgive and set loving boundaries with parents and family members
  • Practices to help you be rooted in the present moment and decide what your life is going to look like moving forward, versus spending any more energy regretting the past

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