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When you look up overeating online, these words come up: “eat too much”, “greedy”, “gorge oneself”, “overindulge”, “selfish”. It’s no wonder that people who struggle with weight have low self-esteem, feel weak, or believe life will get better only if and when they get thin. The truth is, overeating is much more subtle and way more complex, and rarely selfish or greedy. It’s time to start lifting people up with love, not judgment. And if you’re someone who’s struggling with overeating, I want you to know that you are powerful. You are worthy. I know you may feel weak and without willpower, hopeless and confused about what step to take next, but I’m here to remind you that you are worthy, and that change can happen faster and quicker than we can even imagine…

Show Notes

If you struggle with overeating or if you think that there’s someone who needs to hear this message, I want you to send this episode to them because this episode contains deep insights into the mind of an overeater, so you can see that ‘gorge oneself’ is not even close to describing what a person who struggles with overeating is about.

In this episode, I share:

  • What someone who struggles with overeating is truly thinking, feeling, and desiring
  • Some of the patterns and complexities that are behind many people’s struggles with food and overeating
  • How self-love, compassion, and viewing ourselves as worthy can be deeply transformational—and how to start looking at yourself through new eyes
  • Why it’s never too late to claim your power and embrace how worthy you truly are

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