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Transformational self-study courses and content to guide you on your path to greater freedom with food, your body, and your life

Online Courses


Bite-sized yet powerful, these 3-module courses are designed to meet you where you’re at so you can gain momentum for your journey


Calm will support you in creating the strong foundation you need in order to step out of the diet/binge cycle for good, and guide you to the peace and calm you crave. This program will help you shift your beliefs, raise your energy, and escape the mental and emotional chaos you’ve been battling for far too long.


Satisfied will help you transform your relationship with food from deprivation to satisfaction. How we are in life is how we are with food, and true satisfaction is about more than food—it’s about your inner journey and learning to be present with yourself and with food. It’s about seeing food as a luxurious, positive experience, not a die-hard battle.


The Worthy mini-course is all about revolutionizing your relationship with your body, increasing your confidence, and inspiring your powerfully positive body image. It will help you break free from food and body image obsession by strengthening your confidence and promoting self-acceptance and self-love.

Extended Courses

Courses created to take you deeper on your path to greater self-love, empowerment, and freedom

Break Free

Break Free is a ten-week self-study course designed to help you create brand new ways of relating to food, eating, your own body, and every area of your life. It’s ultimately about learning to trust yourself—on a level deeper than you’ve ever experienced before. You’ll uncover sources of self-love and empowerment that no diet can possibly teach (and in fact, most diets take you in the opposite direction.) Plus, you’ll come away with a whole new sense of who you are, what you’re worth, and what you can create in your life.

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I’m so excited to announce the upcoming release of my book,

Within: Making Peace With Food & Body Image to Create a Healthy Family and Home

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