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Big boobs. Small boobs. Toned. Rolls. Short. Tall. Frumpy. Good Posture. Flat Abs. Large Thighs.
As women we come in all sizes and shapes. Some strive to be skinny for a living. Others hid their bodies and feel ashamed to eat in public. We fight in our minds and with our cravings over what we want to eat, what society tells us we should eat, and how what we eats makes us feel. It is exhausting for many.
Every once and while you see someone who is so comfortable in their skin you can’t help but be drawn to them and wonder what secret they know. They effortlessly choose their meals, move their bodies with grace, and never fret over their outfit. Envy may creep in which is really another form of self deprecation to tell ourselves that we are not good enough in comparison.
As women we all ache to find peace. We ache to realize our inner beauty, this light inside of us we are told to shine. We long for inspiration as we struggle to love our body and know that time plus gravity are inevitably going to alter our outer body even more.
Self Love is a practice that requires dedication, it is a daily way of life. Over the years as I see my clients recover from addictions, discover their inner beauty, and find peace, they become my teachers in many ways. After all we all seek to answer the “Who am I?” and as Maya Angelou says, “You remember people not by what they do but how they make you feel.”
We are taught the beauty is in the present moment not the end game. In my practice if I can make someone walk away feeling they have known me for years after one conversation, I have done my job. They feel special. I have fulfilled my purpose. We have created an environment safe enough to heal old scars, uncover deep fears, and learn to be comfortable in one’s own body. There is so much beauty in that moment when you form a connection and you both know you are about to take a journey together that will change both of our lives. Worry over the future fades. Hope is reborn.

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