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We spend so much time inside our heads thinking what should we eat, what we should not eat, and shaming ourselves for wanting things we know are on the “naughty” list. We avoid dessert and then eat dessert with don’t love. Dessert contains the dreaded ingredient, “Sugar”.
Sugar is addictive, it is poison, it the sole reason for the obesity epidemic in them world. I have even heard it compared to cocaine. Now I am not here to argue that sugar is going to cure a disease or to suggest that excessive amounts of sugar won’t have an effect on weight, energy, and health. However, I have never seen one dessert cause irreversible damage. I refuse to live in a fear based world where it is either two choices: Excess of everything or cut everything out. Whatever happened to moderation?
When you are carrying around all of the fear, scare tactics, articles telling you something will cause cancer, or certain foods are “bad” can you really enjoy it? Can you savor the taste, let it sink in, tell yourself it is totally acceptable to eat a food for pure enjoyment, and stop when satisfied? Or do you just eat it, feel guilt, so why not finish it all because you already messed up, and to be honest it is not even that good but who cares you already committed to eating it. Then you just walk away feeling terrible and weak, letting your shame convince you next time you will be stronger and say no.
How about this, what if you knew the desserts you loved the most, not a skinny cow, not a low fat piece of cake, or low sugar ice cream but the rich red velvet cupcake with homemade icing or the crisp, fresh apple pie your grandmother makes or your favorite ice cream from when you were a child. Be picky with your desserts. When you have one make it count and give yourself the best of the best. You deserve to slowly taste each bite without the side of guilt. Permission to enjoy food for enjoyment and pleasure not just nutrition is just as healthy for your mind, body, and soul. It is called LIVING! It will decrease your cravings and allow you to enjoy all the fresh, healthy foods your body needs because you won’t feel deprived anymore. Life is short, eat the damn piece of cake!

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