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The Free Life is designed to help you create brand new ways of relating to food, eating, your own body, and every area of your life. It is ultimately about learning to trust yourself on a deeper level then you have ever experienced before.

To feel confident to raise healthy intuitive eaters that don’t experience the pain of this struggle with food. 

Are you ready to finally break free?

The peace your seeking DOES exist. It’s been inside of you all along, it’s just buried under many layers of judgment and self doubt, waiting for you to find your way back to it.

It is time to show your kids the strength I know is inside.

The Break Free® Journey takes you through those layers, teaching you techniques and new ways of thinking to navigate them as you go. You’ll uncover sources self-love and empowerment that following a diet simply can’t teach you.

In the end, you come away with a whole new sense of who you are, what you’re worth, and what you can create in your life from a place of satisfaction, not deprivation.

With her best selling book Within Making Peace With Food and Body Image to Create a Healthy Home and Family, her signature Break Free™ Course, the inspiring The Free Life™ Podcast or her virtual practice, Karen is committed to showing every woman what is possible in her life when she stops hiding until she shrinks and decides to show up until she heals. 

She empowers women to experience life free from the obsession with food and weight to ignite dreams hidden or put off until “one day” and feel fulfilled knowing their shift is the start of a ripple effect ending the legacy of dieting, eating disorders, and body bashing for generations to come. 

Fear tactics don’t sway us to follow a certain diet. We deserve to feel satisfied with our food & life.
Personal happiness is essential. To be selfless you need to meet your needs first. We are enough
right here, right now. We embrace imperfections and highlight strengths.
We are free. The light inside of us shines bright.

Forgiving Myself is a Gift

I Am Worthy

I Will Feed My Soul

Speak the Language of the Person You Want to Become

I Control My Action Which Controls Emotions

Change Your Words to Change Your Worth

Feel Normal Around Food

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