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The Power of Language

I’m so excited to talk about the power of language! Language plays such a huge role in how we see ourselves, how we relate to our bodies, and how we think about what’s possible not just in terms of our relationship with food, but also in what we believe we’re capable of in our lives. If you’ve struggled with negative self-talk, this episode’s for you.

Show Notes:

I’ve worked with so many women who are struggling with emotional eating and binge eating, have been on the yo-yo dieting cycle for years and are just feeling sick of it. They’re feeling sick of the bashing and the negativity going on in their minds and feeling like they want to get to a certain place and they just can’t get there. I hear things like ‘I just want to be a normal size and stop having my mind race all the time and just be happy…’ 

This is where language and the things we’re telling ourselves about food and our bodies have such a huge impact…

So in this episode, I’m sharing:

  • The effect of language on our behaviors, on our current reality, on our ability to change and to get the results that we want
  • How your current set of beliefs or current mentality around food and body has been shaped by language throughout your life, and how to use new language to shift the beliefs that are keeping you stuck 
  • How open communication can bring healing in relationships with our loved ones


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