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“It is too late for me, save her.” I heard this line over and over again from mothers as they dropped their daughters off at the eating disorder clinic where I used to work, and it was heartbreaking. But here’s the thing—it doesn’t have to be that way. Which is why this year I started on a journey to write a book called, Within: Making Peace with Food and Body Image to Create a Happy, Healthy Home. In this episode, I share my inspiration for this book, including the promises I made to my daughter when she was born.

Show Notes

When I was a dietitian running the nutrition program at a well-known eating disorder clinic on the East Coast, women of all ages came in, from 12 or 13 years old to 70. From all different walks of life. All different sizes, shapes and all different types of eating disorders. 

I always used to say there’s nothing that you can say that would shock me, but one of the most common things that I would see is the mother’s dropping off their daughters and saying ‘it’s too late for me, save her’…

It definitely shook me to the core especially after becoming a mother myself.

This episode is all about a message I want to share that with you now in case you’re a mother and you are feeling the same fears and struggles, especially if you are still struggling with food and you’re worried about how that is going to affect your children.

In this episode, I’m sharing:

  • How having my own daughter made me even more determined to help women learn how to create a home that doesn’t perpetuate negative cycles with food and body image
  • How seeing so many mothers struggle with disordered eating and struggle not to pass that onto their kids inspired me to write a book to help more women learn how to combat this struggle
  • Why it’s key for parents to build the foundation for their family that fosters a healthy relationship with food and body, and to decide what values are important for you and for your household and to share them with your children.

**Update: My book Within has officially been released! Get your copy here.**


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