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No one wants their daughter to grow up with an eating or body image disorder. However, if you’re a mother battling these issues yourself, you may worry about passing them on to your child. There is a way you can end your war with food and self-esteem—and save your daughter as well.

In Within, registered dietitian Karen Diaz shares her two-part approach to confronting eating and body image disorders. Her lessons begin with focusing on changes within yourself before shifting to transforming your home and family. Included are exercises to let go of emotions, shed the diet culture, become self-full, reenvision meal time, keep food neutral, assess the bigger picture, and discuss bodies with your children. This book is not a diet, but rather the means to quiet the criticism and noise impacting your ability to flourish—and your family’s ability to thrive.

Where do I start? I love how Karen really helps you dig deep and see the patterns and habits you have created with food! I know that I can create new eating habits and remove the “I should” or “I have to” to just enjoy having a meal I can enjoy instead of the back and forth ridiculous dialogue I have in my head about whether or not my meal is healthy enough, or if I will fit into my summer jeans that I secretly have held onto for the last 10 years.  Loving your body and choosing food that you enjoy without the guilt is something Karen can help you with! I don’t have to make relationship with food “right” by anyone’s standards, except mine. Thank you Karen for sharing with us a new way of living every day!

Theresa N

I was diagnosed with BED, but this book, y’all! This book is a life saver! All the medicine and diets in the world does NOT compare to how much this book has helped me! I love it so much that I joined the Facebook group and ordered a copy for my aunt as well! Several others in my support group say that this book changes lives and I testify that could not be a truer statement! This book has literally saved my life!

Brittany M

This book read like I was sitting with Karen, enjoying a cup of tea, talking about the body image issues we struggle with as women and the desire to not pass those on to our children. She offers actionable steps to help both you and your family make food “neutral” – neither good nor bad – and a positive experience all around. I highly recommend this book if you have ever struggled with body image, feel shame about your body and the food you eat – even if you don’t have children. If you do have children: Bonus! You’ll learn how to reframe your thinking so that your children see food in a healthy way. The whole book is written in such a loving, kind way and has really helped me to recognize patterns within myself that I don’t want my children to begin.

Heather C

As someone who has struggled with emotional eating and body image issues for most of my life, I absolutely love Karen’s approach of mindfulness and self-love. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to drop the struggle and break the generational and societal paradigms around food and dieting once and for all.

Kat T

Fear tactics don’t sway us to follow a certain diet. We deserve to feel satisfied with our food & life.
Personal happiness is essential. To be selfless you need to meet your needs first. We are enough
right here, right now. We embrace imperfections and highlight strengths.
We are free. The light inside of us shines bright.

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