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Working with women and children for Disordered Eating, Binge Eating, Yo-yo dieting, Body image, Orthorexia, and other Eating disorders. Specializing in helping moms work with their kids to cultivate a positive food relationship at any age. This is not gender specific as body image, binging, low self esteem, or wanting to diet occurs with boys as well as girls. Just message me if you want to discuss your case before booking an appointment at
New Clients can book their initial assessments by clicking here to select a day and time on the office calendar.
Existing Clients can login to the Private Portal to request appointments, make changes, or private message Karen for support.
  1. New Clients will only be able to book an Initial Appointment. This is a 75 minute appointment that is more detailed so we can create the appropriate plan. 

  2. If you are scheduling an appointment for your child, the initial assessment will include the parent alone or with your child depending on their age. Book the session and we can discuss before the appointment. You can email if you want to discuss before you book. 

  3. While we do not take insurance upfront, a super bill will be provided on request to submit for reimbursement as an out of network provider. Our online payment system for appointments will accept Health Savings Account Cards. A referral with a diagnosis code from your doctor along with super bill will help with any reimbursement you may receive to offset cost.  

  4. Once you request an appointment, I will approve it if the spot is available and you will receive notification with information on how to access the HIPPA compliant Telehealth Virtual Office at our scheduled time. 

Initial assessments with Karen Diaz, RD: 75 minute Telehealth Sessions. Cost: $200

Follow Up Sessions with Karen Diaz, RD: 60 minute Telehealth Sessions. Cost $150

Group Sessions are offered also for $50 for 90 minutes. Email to get on a waitlist and when I get a group of 6 women, we can set up these sessions. Otherwise if you join the Break Free Course, you will get group coaching office hours included weekly for one set price. 

Discounted packages are available for those who want to fully commit from start to finish to break free, just ask to discuss after the initial assessment. Your fee for the initial assessment will be applied to the package if you choose this option.