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How Can I Help You Shine?

Women Who Want To Help Women With Food and Body Image Struggles But Need Training. 

The beginning stages of gaining the skills to do the work you desire requires a focus and a proven system you can master and rely on.  

Before you get your first clients, this process will deepen your work with food, body image, and self confidence in what you are capable of.  

Making money and an impact is not possible if you doubt the service you provide or the content you put out there. 

I give my clients the foundational work to serve women in healing their relationship with food and body image with a proven system called The Free Life™ Method taught in the Break Free™ course.

This isn’t entry-level information though. It’s mastery. I set my clients up for a fast track to their first six figures JUST from the skills they learn and work they will do to book those first few clients. 

Become a Leader in the Mental Wellness Movement

After growing one network marketing business to seven figures and then negiotiating a sale of that business, you will get the mentorship, training, and guidance you crave with a culture that is kind, inspiring, and rooted in service.

Success in this industry is dependant on education and a unique product that is at the forefront of science. This is not a trend, this is the future of how we are going to get ahead of mental wellness issues. Aligning with a mission and products that are disruptive in a saturated market is key and a rarity these days.

 Over the 8 years in this industry, I have also grown a successful coaching and course creation business. You will get the systems and support to grow your business online like a true business owner and training on multiple income streams. 

I have created wealth without alignment, now I won’t settle for less then both and you deserve the same. We believe money in the hands of good people, does great things. With core values of love, integrity, service, innovation and humility, you will feel proud of the impact you can make and the money will simply follow.

If you are ready to step into a new chapter of growth, leadership, and purpose, I look forward to connecting.