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I Work With Two Kinds of Women.

Women struggling with food for a long time – maybe even their entire life – who feel stuck in a cycle they can never escape.

Do you wonder if you will ever be able to stop obsessing over food?

Discover how amazing it feels to not contantly think about food.

After years of restricting and dieting without any progress to feeling comfortable and at home in your body, you know it is not the answer. The next step feels unclear and even if it was clear you doubt your ability to do it. 

Sometimes you think this is just your burden to carry and there is not an answer. Hope is dwindling and you don’t want to be disappointed again. 

The peace you’re seeking DOES exist. It’s been inside you all along, it’s just been buried under the many layers of judgment and self-doubt, waiting for you to find your way back to it. 

And you can show your kids the strength I know is inside.

The Break Free® journey takes you through these layers, teaching you techniques and new ways of thinking to navigate them as you go. You’ll uncover sources of self-love and empowerment that no diet can possibly teach (and in fact, most diets take you in the opposite direction.) 

Plus you’ll come away with a whole new sense of who you are, what you’re worth, and what you can create in your life.

Women Who No Longer Struggle With Food and Now Crave More For Their Life.  

Your daily thoughts are no longer consumed with food and body hate. The heavy weight has lifted and suddenly you have ideas and desires you forgot about.  

There is no more distractions and you feel born again with a fresh look on life. However, you can’t focus on what to do next.

You want to make an impact. Start a business. Travel. Move to a new house or state. Get a degree. Find love, whether new or renewed. 

With a history of food and body image struggles you worry that it will come back if you get overhelmed. 

You are craving more out of life. You know you were always meant for more. It feels exciting and scary at the same time.

If you want to design your Free Life and assure you won’t fall back, this next level work is for you. There is nothing more rewarding than leaning into a more powerful version of yourself.

Feel Normal Around Food

Free Interactive 4 Day Course. Struggling with food does not need to be a lifelong issue. Discover how it is possible for you to feel normal around food.  

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