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Feeling Full

This is the third and final episode in the miniseries we’ve been going over the past few weeks. The prior two episodes were “Timed Meals” and “Types of Hunger”, so be sure to check those out too, if you missed them.

This episode of the miniseries is all about feeling full, how it makes you feel, and different degrees of fullness — and all the emotions that come with “fullness”.

Show Notes:

I find that being full or the idea of fullness is something that people often feel emotionally upset about. They don’t like feeling full. They equate feeling full with feeling fat, even though fat’s not a feeling. That is the most common thing that I hear because you feel bloated, you feel the food in your stomach, you’re frustrated with your relationship with food you may have eaten quickly and not really connected to the meal, and so now you’re just left with the discomfort part because it depends on what degree of fullness and so it’s hard.

It’s hard to start to think about stopping sooner at different degrees of fullness, but that’s what we’re going to talk about in this episode, including:

  • One benefit to the fact that we feel full and how to practice gratitude around that
  • Varying degrees of fullness and what those mean
  • Why there is no “perfect” degree of fullness
  • Fullness cues and grazing
  • How to gain greater awareness of your body’s cues around hunger and fullness



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