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Statistics can be daunting.


With weight loss being the most common goal in the New Year, hearing only 8% of New Years Resolutions stick can make you think why bother. I mean 95% of diets fail anyway.




You can bet on yourself 100% instead of comparing yourself to the masses. You can throw out the idea that only a special 8% have the willpower and decide you are greater then any statistic that draws in readers.


When life is defined by being on or off a diet. When your weight has either been heading up or heading down with food always on your mind. When you are either good because of controlling food or bad for giving in to food. Weight loss should not be your goal for 2017. No diet will work because it is your relationship with food and weight that is broken not your willpower.


If you find it easy to give advice but not follow your advice, then listen up. If someone told you they wanted something but statistically few achieved it, would you tell them to give up or that they cold do it? Do you give yourself the same advice or believe it is possible for others just not you? If the answer is yes, you are judging yourself based on past failures. The flaw here is that you were trying to control your willpower. You were addressing the wrong problem. Even if you control yourself long enough to lose the weight, what happens when the scale says you reached your goal if you still feel empty, mind racing, overwhelmed, without purpose, or struggle to feel calm through chaos.


Food is serving a purpose in your life. It is filling a void or you would not keep going to it. Embrace the struggle. Listen to what it is trying to teach. Your goal should be to fill your life with activities that give you the feelings or emotions you crave. When you do this the role of food won’t be important to fill the void.


When your relationship with food is centered around peace and calm. When you feel purpose and joy on a daily basis. When you want to give your body what it needs to support things you love. Then weight loss can happen. Then a diet is merely a lifestyle choice to support your body and beliefs. You are eating from a place of love not hate. Then you don’t think about the 92% failure rate because you are the 8%. You always were, you just needed the belief.

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